5 Tips to Consider While Buying SoundCloud Followers

Cloud computing has feature a variety of changes in the paradigm of internet computing and usage of information. With cloud computing, the operations of programs, and the business of knowledge users has-been altered such that the approach to computing operations have changed. Lots of people have not completely appreciated the paradigm of operating a cloud software.

SoundCloud promo service is an online software that allows music interactivity. The application allows users to get music usually at the rate of $5 per-track. The application has other extra capabilities which can be directed at adding value to purchasing of music. The applying performs on the basis of the social-networking technique with additional active capabilities.

There are 5 methods whenever you purchase SoundCloud followers that’ll permit one benefit fully from the advantages of cloud-computing. The methods are derived from the understanding the style …

State should fund testing


It has happened again. A man who served 17 years in prison for three rapes has been exonerated by DNA testing and was freed this week from prison in Missouri.

According to a report by The Associated Press, Lonnie Erby, 49, was convicted in the 1985 rapes of three girls and received a sentence of 115 years in prison.

Finally, this week, he was freed. DNA tests showed that the semen taken from the girls definitely was not his.

It is the second time in St. Louis that a person has served years for a rape he did not commit.

According to the report, more than 300 prisoners across the United States have been released from prison because DNA testing showed they could not have committed the crimes for which they were jailed.

Although it is good to see …

Legislators: Nominations can wait


Local legislators say a longstanding issue for an area levee district should be resolved after the beginning of the new year.

In 2015, lawyers in Gov. Mike Foster’s office determined that four members of the North Lafourche Conservation, Levee and Drainage District – members who were appointed after the district was created in 1992 – do not meet the residency requirements for service on the levee board.

When Commissioners Carroll Clement, Nelson Constant, Michael Delatte and Dennis Martinez were appointed to the board by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate, the district’s boundaries encompassed east of Bayou Lafourche from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway to the Lafourche Parish line.

The district, however, was redrawn in 1996 along different boundary lines after it was determined that the district overlapped the Atchafalaya Basin and Lafourche Basin levee districts.

That left …

Bayou Blue Senior Center has special guests for meeting


Senior center news: The members of the Bayou Blue Senior Center met Aug. 19 with group president Ruth Deroche opening the meeting to a membership of 45 people in attendance. This meeting was also the center’s monthly birthday luncheon celebration. Ruth Deroche welcomed guests Allie and Alvin Cuneo and the Rev. Richard Jones and his wife Alice, to the festivities. Jones led the club collect and blessed the food. Jones will be retiring, and he and his wife will be returning to their hometown of Bay St. Louis after retirement. Everyone will miss them, but wish them good luck.

Birthday celebrants were E. J. Bergeron, Jack Flippo, Ruth LeBlanc, Marie Prejean, Norris Levron and Shirley Fournier. Everyone present enjoyed a delicious meal. The featured item of the meal was ham, which was prepared by members Frances Lester, Ruth Daigle …

Legal debate is mistaken


Question: When is granite more than just granite?

Answer: When the granite is actually a 5,300-pound monument to the Ten Commandments – a monument placed in a courthouse by an Alabama state judge and ordered removed by a federal court.

The monument has been a growing symbol for both sides of the argument that has risen up around it.

Chief Justice Roy Moore had the monument built and placed in the courthouse – a move ruled unconstitutional by the federal court.

That court held that Moore was in violation of the constitutional ban on government establishment of religion.

In actuality, though, was what Judge Moore did all that wrong?

Those who like to cite the supposed constitutional requirement that church and state be separated don’t like to be pressed on the issue, and the reason is simple. There is …

Parents taking to classrooms again


Orpha Menza, foreground, and Caroline Prieto work at the Opportu-nity Place west of Thibodaux Wednesday. The Lafourche Parish School Board is giving adults a sec-ond chance by teaching classes such as GED preparation, pre-employment skills, computer skills and English as a second language. (Staff photo by Abby Tabor)


The Lafourche Parish School Board is offering a second chance for those who have missed out on their secondary education.

Board spokesman Floyd Benoit said the Lafourche Parish School Board Adult Education Program is offering residents 17 and older who are no longer enrolled in the system a variety of programs to help improve their education.

Benoit said the programs, which are provided at no charge, include literacy training, pre-employment and work maturity skills, basic skills upgrading, GED preparation, computer skills, English as a Second Language and Even Start.

Benoit …

Do’s and don’ts for your draft


This is it — the week where most of us will be participating in our annual night of nail-biting, trash-talking and internal turmoil over whether to take Jacksonville’s LeBrandon Toefield or New York Jets’ LaMont Jordan in the 13th round.

So here’s a primer as you head into your draft.

Remember, this is the single most important event of the entire fantasy football season. Don’t blow it!

There, now that you are sufficiently pressured, let’s get down to the do’s and don’ts of the draft.

Do: Pay attention.

The more you are in tune to whom everyone else is drafting, the better your “feel” will be for which player to select next.

If you’re not paying attention, you may miss the fact that the person drafting behind you still hasn’t selected a quarterback by the sixth round, so you …

A lot has happened in 40 years


Have you seen the television commercial that features Halle Berry, the award winning African-American actress, being escorted through a fancy restaurant to the back to the “colored section”? Two other women accompany Berry, and as they walk through the “white” section, Berry waves and smiles to a couple of people. Once Berry and her companions are seated, they seem perfectly content, and the announcer asks if the viewer can imagine what life would be like if Martin Luther King Jr. had never dared to dream. He then asks viewers to “help keep the dream alive.”

It can be an unsettling scenario and an unpleasant thought.

Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind society has not yet completely come true, although, in many ways the color barriers are gone.

The dream and the dreamer are well known and respected, even …