Legislators: Nominations can wait


Local legislators say a longstanding issue for an area levee district should be resolved after the beginning of the new year.

In 2015, lawyers in Gov. Mike Foster’s office determined that four members of the North Lafourche Conservation, Levee and Drainage District – members who were appointed after the district was created in 1992 – do not meet the residency requirements for service on the levee board.

When Commissioners Carroll Clement, Nelson Constant, Michael Delatte and Dennis Martinez were appointed to the board by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate, the district’s boundaries encompassed east of Bayou Lafourche from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway to the Lafourche Parish line.

The district, however, was redrawn in 1996 along different boundary lines after it was determined that the district overlapped the Atchafalaya Basin and Lafourche Basin levee districts.

That left …

Legal debate is mistaken


Question: When is granite more than just granite?

Answer: When the granite is actually a 5,300-pound monument to the Ten Commandments – a monument placed in a courthouse by an Alabama state judge and ordered removed by a federal court.

The monument has been a growing symbol for both sides of the argument that has risen up around it.

Chief Justice Roy Moore had the monument built and placed in the courthouse – a move ruled unconstitutional by the federal court.

That court held that Moore was in violation of the constitutional ban on government establishment of religion.

In actuality, though, was what Judge Moore did all that wrong?

Those who like to cite the supposed constitutional requirement that church and state be separated don’t like to be pressed on the issue, and the reason is simple. There is …